Risk Management & Insurance


Employee Benefit Planning

We create customized benefit plans designed to give your business a competitive advantage in making the most of your valuable human capital.

Finestone Partners link employee benefits planning to your overall business strategy with innovative programs to analyze your strategic needs. We monitor employee benefits and insurance programs on an ongoing basis and ensure that they adjust to your business circumstances and with legal, regulatory and tax changes.

Life Insurance & Life Settlement

As fully independent advisors, we routinely evaluate a wide range of insurance offerings available, in terms of quality and performance, and diversify among multiple insurance carriers as needed.

We provide a complete servicing solution for life settlement services. Our team of dedicated insurance analysts has unparalleled expertise in life insurance portfolio services, providing a high level of support to ensure optimal performance of our clients’ assets.

Disability, Long-Term Care & Medicare

We provide numerous short and long-term insurance planning options products in the areas of life, health and disability.
We evaluate, analyze and facilitate the purchase of insurance contracts as needed, ensuring its proper structure and
risk suitability.