Personal Wealth Management


Investment Management

Finestone Partners strive to preserve your capital and transfer your wealth through personalized service. Our approach rests on 3 principals: integrated research, active risk management and client alignment.

We integrate strategic and tactical asset allocations using one of our proprietary Strategical® portfolios. The models are built with traditional and non-traditional asset classes around a tactical core. 

For those clients who want a more customized portfolio, we offer Investment Consulting to design a portfolio best suited for your individual needs and goals. We offer a wide range of investment vehicles including, but not limited to mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, structured products, MLP’s, private placements, hedge funds and separately managed accounts.


Financial & Retirement Planning

Our financial planning programs incorporate not only the technical fundamentals of our Wealth Management Matrix®, but also workshops, accompanied by inclusive coaching sessions on any financial and non-financial issue you feel is important to support you in implementing your financial plan successfully.

Finestone Partners offers a comprehensive program that reviews your financial retirement plans, and also incorporates a coaching program to help you to manage this transition and repurpose your life.

In today’s rapidly advancing world, retirement planning has never been more challenging. Working with a financial advisor to map a comprehensive, thoughtful retirement strategy and keep it on track is essential to your future well-being. Contact us to find out more about planning for your retirement based on your current phase in life – investing for retirement, nearing retirement or living in retirement.

Estate, Charitable & Succession Planning

We discuss various exit strategies and explore how limited partnerships, buy-sell agreements and management buyouts can help you meet your objectives. We want to ensure that the enterprise you have created goes on benefiting those who have a stake in their success – your partners, heirs, employees, managers, customers, lenders and investors. We can assist you to discover ways of gifting your resources and experiences that you have accumulated in life to make an enduring imprint on the world.