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At Finestone Partners, we design employee benefit plans that stay within your budget, meet your employees’ needs and optimize your organization’s ability to attract and retain talent.

With Finestone Partners, we are your single point of contact.  Simply call us and we navigate the complexity of the benefits system for you!

Group Benefits


Individual Benefits

Group Benefits


Finestone Partners provides comprehensive group benefits to our clients.  As an independent firm we are not bound by any provider affiliations and therefore have full access to the market. We research and select the best options for our clients’ group benefits which includes:

  Medical, dental, and vision plans
  Group life
  Group disability insurance

Our support doesn’t stop with plan design, we continue to:

  Actively monitor your benefit plan to ensure it continues to meet your

     business objectives and reflects the latest legal and regulatory environment

   Oversee and manage all aspects of plan administration and support

  Provide ongoing personalized support to you and your employees

  Help employees transition to retirement and select individual benefits

From corporate level to individual employee support, Finestone Partners is your one-stop-shop. We work hand-in-hand with your HR team to help implement the plans. We are also available to you and your employees to explain the plan, navigate claims and answer any questions.

Individual Benefits


We continually research and find the best benefits for our clients’ needs including medical, dental, and vision plans along with individual life and disability insurance.  We also offer access to Long-Term Care insurance, Medicare, and Medicare RX plans.

For smaller businesses without group insurance options or for executives seeking additional benefits, Finestone Partners can cater to your benefits needs.  We can also work with you to make sure you have the proper benefits when you transition between jobs or into retirement.



9100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 720E
Beverly Hills, CA 90212



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