Consulting & Advisory


Independent Fiduciary Plan Review 

An Independent Fiduciary Plan Review includes an examination of the plan investment policy statement, the bylaws of the retirement committee and an in-depth analytic benchmarking of both plan investment returns, plan investment fees and investment review monitoring processes.

Finestone Partners has participated in the fi360® training, affiliated with CEFEX (The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence) and both Neil Finestone and Michael Anderson hold the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF) designation. This commitment requires that the highest standard of integrity and technical expertise be consistently delivered to our clients. Click here for a Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence for Investment Stewards.

For the Independent Fiduciary Review, we work with the Plan’s trustees and investment committee, who have the legal responsibility for managing investment decisions. We measure how well their organization meets a defined global fiduciary standard of excellence and identify potential liabilities and implement improvements as needed.

Expert Testimony & Consulting

We are state licensed Insurance Analysts and Accredited Investment Fiducaries. We provide fiduciary, expert consulting services to law firms, accounting firms, business management firms and their clients. 

Under the California insurance code, life, health and disability insurance agents represent the insurance company. Licensed Life and Disability Insurance Analysts are fiduciaries to and represent their clients, not the insurance company. The Principal and CEO of Finestone Partners, Neil R. Finestone has been designated as an expert in Santa Barbara Superior Court, Los Angeles Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court. 

Second Opinion

Finestone Partners will provide an initial review your existing plans and portfolios, evaluate their appropriateness and discuss our findings with you at no charge. Additionally, it will provide "Fiduciary Level" reviews which evaluate the performance of each of your asset managers and funds against their appropriate peer group, the relevant industry benchmarks and the Investment Policy Statement(s) and/or Investment Policy Committee requirements. These reviews also include, where applicable, a detailed analysis of insurance policy performance and suitability and accurate benchmarking.