Planning Your Retirement

a joint effort

Compared to past generations, many of us will be able to enjoy an additional twenty-some years.

The root of the word “retirement” is French and comes from “retirer”, which literally means “to go into seclusion” or “withdraw.” Because our world today presents us with much more time on our hands, we have the chance to put into action a passionate new project, learn something new, contribute to society, or to live an outrageous dream. Transitioning from working during our lifetime to retiring one day presents us with many opportunities if we are open to new possibilities.

This is a new chapter in our lives that requires courage, a fresh vision and new plans as we deal with upcoming uncertainty and the need to change our commitments. However, the transition from work to retirement is not easy, as it involves a “letting go” of strong social networks and familiar routines.

As you start thinking about what you’d like to do in retirement, consider speaking with us. Finestone Partners offers a comprehensive program that reviews your financial retirement plans, and also incorporates a 6 month coaching program to help you to manage this transition and repurpose your life.

In today’s rapidly changing world, retirement planning has never been more
 challenging. Working with a financial advisor to map a comprehensive,
thoughtful retirement strategy and keep it on track is essential to your 
future well-being. Click here to find out more about planning for your retirement based on your current phase in life – investing for retirement, nearing retirement or living in retirement.