Investment Management

where to invest?

Finestone Partners positions your assets consistent with your risk and investment objectives in portfolios that are designed to adapt favorably to changes in the global marketplace and to your personal circumstances.

Integrity, fiduciary responsibility, open communication and creativity are the basic values that define our relationships with our valued clients. We strive to preserve your capital, and transfer your wealth through personalized and long-term service. One of our many approaches to objective and effective portfolio management is to integrate strategic and tactical asset allocations using one of our proprietary Strategical® portfolios. We currently offer Strategical® models with different objectives: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced and Growth. The models are built with traditional and non-traditional asset classes around a tactical core. 
The core decreases as the risk aversion decreases. The core is composed of alternative assets that either target risk or utilize a mathematical model to determine current trends.  
For those clients who want a more customized portfolio, we offer Investment Consulting to design a portfolio best suited for your individual needs and goals. We offer a wide range of investment vehicles including, but not limited to mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, structured products, MLP's, private placements, alternative investments and separately managed accounts.
independent investment advice
We work closely with you whether you are experienced and informed with making strategic portfolio decisions, or if you are new to investing and concerned in making sound investment decisions to preserve your assets in this volatile economic environment. We are more than happy to keep you informed with our investment management process through one-on-one calls, conference calls, meetings or client appreciation dinners. Our approach to investment management is comprehensive and non-traditional, and we feel that in these unique and non-traditional times, our clients need exactly that.