Long-Term Care & Disability Insurance

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The most urgent financial concerns of many people tend to revolve around providing for their families, assuring sufficient retirement income and preserving their estates for the future.

However, few people consider what would happen to their families or themselves, financially, if they were to require long-term care due to a prolonged illness or disability.

Fortunately, there is a preferable option to paying for these expenses and leaving more of an individual’s estate intact, Long-Term Care insurance. Without this protection, expenses associated with assisting in the activities of daily living can drain and sometimes even deplete a person’s entire estate, potentially putting family members into debt. 
We provide numerous short and long-term insurance planning options products in the areas of life, health and disability. As one of the professionals in the State of California licensed as a Life and Disability Insurance Analyst (CA Insurance License 0660153),  Neil evaluate, analyze and facilitate the purchase of insurance contracts as needed, ensuring its proper structure and risk suitability.