Community & Charity

Giving back

We like to give back to the community. These are just a few examples of what we do!

Neil Finestone is very active in the Water Buffalo Club, whose motto is “Big Kids Helping Little Kids.” The charity is made up of approximately 70 people from the Westside of Los Angeles, whose mission is to provide financial support to organizations that help kids in LA who are in need and who fly under the radar screen of traditional giving. In 2010, the WBC supported charities such as the Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation, EmPowerHer, The Falcons Youth and Family Services, the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, and several elementary schools. In addition to grants, the WBC is committed to taking kids out of their everyday environment for a "fabulous field trip.” 
Whether it's to the Santa Monica Pier, a holiday movie screening, or Dodger Stadium, the WBC recognizes the importance of connecting with these wonderful youngsters in a meaningful way while reminding them that there are people who really care.

Mike Anderson, a Founder of the UCLA Alumni Association’s Bruin Professionals (BP), has networked with thousands of UCLA graduates in professional occupations to produce commerce. In addition, BP has funded UCLA student scholarships, has provided dozens of student internships and has also employed several UCLA students. In addition, Mr. Anderson has served as a President, Chairman and Executive Officer of Western Pension and Benefits Conference, a nonprofit industry group focused on educating practitioners, human resource and finance professionals on retirement and benefits issues. Last, Mike has supported dozens of nonprofit community services groups through fund raising and advisory assistance.

Kat Murphy is a full time care taker for her 88 year old father with Alzheimer's and has been his primary care taker since her mother passed away of Multiple Myeloma in January 2008. In addition, Ms. Murphy assists at the local food bank, attends the local fundraisers in her current home-town of Laconia, NH and does charitable work for her neighbors in need.