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Neil Finestone was once a ranked competitive skier in Canada before a serious spinal surgery refocused his teenage dream.

He chose a different path and loves what he does - helping improve other people’s quality of life. Neil has never lost his love for sports, and has remained active in multiple sports and in the athletic profession/community. Neil understands firsthand how quickly an athlete’s or entertainer’s career can change.

The unfortunate reality is that many professional athletes find themselves out of a career and out of funds within a few years of their retirement. It is critical that athletes and actors take control of their finances early in their career, which in the case of an active athlete, is typically limited to 3-5 years. 

Professional athletes in particular have special financial services needs and financial planning challenges as they may need to plan for 50 years of retirement. Finestone Partners works with these select clients, as well as with professionals in the entertainment industry to devise a clear financial plan that will sustain their desired lifestyle many years into the future.